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Guest Blogger: Renu Arora, RD – Amazing New Healing Technology: Trigger Release Method

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I am honored to introduce to you Renu Arora, RD. She has been consumed with developing a powerful healing methodology which has demonstrated efficacy in many diverse situations, both physical and psychological.  So excited to be sharing this with you!

Trigger Release Method

Trigger Release for Inner Peace!

Do you find that you have certain reactions to life challenges that you just don’t understand?
Have you ever found yourself repeating the same mistakes over and over, without ever knowing why?
Can your issues overwhelm you, leaving you feeling lost and alone?

Every day we routinely carry out activities without a thought as to where the ideas or actions come from.  We generally know ourselves – how we’ll react in a given situation – but we often feel powerless to actually change our reactions. Our instincts take over: they tell us to worry; or to get angry; or to run away; or to remain calm; or to display any number of reactions to the countless different situations we encounter.

If all of our actions were under conscious control, then this would never happen. We would simply choose how we wish to behave, and that would be all there is to it.

But it’s not that easy. Have you ever heard the expression “to be of two minds” about something? It’s actually a pretty good description of what goes on inside us; we really do have two minds: the conscious, and the subconscious mind.

Our conscious mind is what we use to achieve our daily routines; it is the analytical part of the mind. It is the part of the mind that allows us to process new information regarding the world around us, and that allows us to learn. Once we have learned something, however, the conscious self no longer has to work on it, so it “downloads” this information to the subconscious, the unlimited repository where we hold all the data and information of our accumulated existence. When you were young, you learned to crawl, then walk and talk. But now, we don’t think about putting one foot in front of the other to get us from here to there; or about how to form the sounds in our mouths to make up words. The subconscious takes care of all of that.

The problem arises when our “two minds” are in conflict. For example – you’re feeling angry or upset about something when you know you really shouldn’t; you have an irrational fear or phobia that you want to let go of, but can’t; you know you shouldn’t have that second piece of cake, but you really, really want it.

When our “two minds” disagree, there’s always a reason; it’s because something is out of balance, and our subconscious mind is trying to get our attention. Most of our memories we would call “two-dimensional” – they are stored like the pages of a book – there for us to peruse and file back when finished. Some experiences, however, are charged with emotions; when we think of them we instantly feel anxiety or fear or bitterness or a lack of self-worth etc. The emotions behave like an extra dimension, taking up space, not easily filed or stored. These emotions can erupt spontaneously; offered up as a gut response to a trigger. There are times when we may have even forgotten the initial Life Event or challenge that stored the particular emotion or reaction, but the subconscious has not; it is constantly seeking resolution.

We now know that to achieve balance and inner peace we must release the triggers and limiting responses; letting go of the emotional charge, outdated or inappropriately stored subconscious programming.  Only then will the subconscious no longer “argue” with us; balance will be affirmed; the problem resolved and the trigger released.
In our work we have discovered that unresolved issues or triggering life events may not only be linked to mental “arguments with Self” but may also result in physical symptoms and discomfort, food intolerances, emotional and sleep imbalances, irrational phobias and fears, arrhythmia and even more. Using a technique we have developed called the Trigger Release Method, our work with scores of clients so far has resulted in  arthritic pain relief in the hands; joint relief; calmer and more restful sleep patterns; eliminated food and environmental sensitivities; increased self confidence; digestive relief; greater understanding and acceptance; relief of other mental, physical, and emotional issues; plus opportunities to discover the inner self.

We strongly believe that the Trigger Release Method is a breakthrough in energy work and we are thrilled to announce that our book, “Return to Wholeness: How to easily overcome destructive thoughts, resistance to change, and to free yourself from your past”  detailing the exact methodology to follow to learn about and release the blocks that have been holding you back from achieving balance and inner peace, will be out soon. We are currently in the pre-launch phase of a fundraising campaign to raise the money necessary to publish it.

If what we’ve written today intrigues you, and you are interested in learning about us and our work, please visit our campaign site at http://triggerreleasemethod.pubslush.com/. If you become a fan, you’ll receive updates when the campaign launches and as it progresses. Finally, if you know of anyone who might be interested in supporting our work (or who might know others who may), please spread the word…anything you could do would be greatly appreciated!

In Love and Light,

Renu Arora & Helen Sladden

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