Miracles Through Pranic Energy Healing

om-mani-padme-humIn addition to traditional therapies, Iona Integrative Health offers Pranic Energy Healing, a form of energy work taught at numerous universities worldwide and practiced by many medical doctors and health care providers as an adjunct to their clinical practice.

Physicists understand energy on an entirely different level than most people.  The short video below demonstrates the effect of Pranic Energy Healing and The Planetary Meditation for Peace [also known as The Meditation on Twin Hearts] upon the physical structure of water.  It also shows the remarkable results obtained with Pranic Energy Healing in many and varied conditions. Please take a moment to view it, and form your own conclusions.

Iona Integrative Health offers Pranic Energy Healing sessions as well as a weekly meditation. We now offer classes in Pranic Energy Healing which are taught at locations throughout the Southeast.

One of Atma Grand Master Choa Kok Sui’s books is entitled “Miracles Through Pranic Healing“.  Some may consider the word ‘Miracle’ to be a strong word. What would you call these two cases? In one of the workshops, a woman who had been tormented for three weeks with poison ivy, on the afternoon of the second day of the workshop, used what she had learned to completely stop the itching.  It was the first time in three weeks she was comfortable in her own skin!   Another student took the class because of the benefits she had experienced receiving Pranic Healing.  In less than two months of regular treatment, her PTSD and ADHD were completely resolved.  This is not anecdotal. According to professional scales used in psychotherapy, those two diagnoses no longer apply to her.

One of the fascinating aspects of energy modalities is that you and the practitioner do not have to be in the same room in order to practice it.  Iona Integrative Health has clients in Hawaii, Washington state, California, Oklahoma, and Portugal!  We are in Western North Carolina. If you wish to schedule a session, please let us know.  You can select session options and pay for them below.

Single Session: $100.00
Twelve Session Package: $850.00

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