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You Have Three Weeks to Live

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Without Chemo, you have three weeks to live. With it, a few months.

Without Chemo, you have three weeks to live. With it, a few months.

Ominous declaration made by Dr. C., the Oncologist treating my good friend, R. He elaborated, adding that within that time, without chemotherapy, R would slip into a coma and die.  Then he gave R the good news. WITH proper treatment, with Chemotherapy, he could expect to live 3-4 months, maybe a little longer.  He really would not make a prognosis here.  Two days after being admitted, R started to go jaundiced, one of the external indicators of liver failure.

You’ve got to love it. The BEST that could be offered was a slowing of the death spiral.  Now, I am not knocking this. Several months is a whole lot MORE LIVING OPPORTUNITY than 3 Weeks. R’ wife, Hannah, asked the good doctor if she could augment this treatment with essential oils, with nutritional supplementation, and the like. He curtly told her that such things would not be permitted. He did not believe in any of that crap.

Fortunately for R, they knew that there was one option which the oncologist could neither

You do not have to be present to do Pranic Healing.

You do not have to be present to do Pranic Healing.

control nor prevent. That option is Pranic Healing.  Pranic Healing is an ancient form of energy medicine which is widely practiced worldwide, and which is even taught in medical schools.  Pranic Healing can be accomplished across great distances as energy has no limitations. In the very first workshop, we teach students how to do this. Hannah gave me a call, and I went into action.

Pranic Healing is condition specific. Unlike Reiki, it has a protocol for each condition, a protocol which is ‘field tested’ prior to being included in the textbooks.  The protocol for cancer needs to be done three times a week, at a minimum. Each treatment takes about 90 minutes.

14827590-Chemotherapy-Drugs-and-drip-holder-Cancer-treatment-biohazard-and-cytotoxic--Stock-VectorThis was R’ treatment for the last two months. The oncologist hooked up R to Chemo. It was a brutal and painful process. 48 hours of continuous drip followed by 2 weeks recovery time for the body before the next treatment.  The Pranic Healer would treat R 3-4 times a week from her home in another state.

About a week after the first round of Chemo, and after probably 5 Pranic Healing treatments, the Oncologist told R that he did not understand why his liver functioning was improving.

The morning after the second round of Chemo, the attending physician’s PA openly wondered how R had even survived the treatment. One medical personnel greeted him with, “You’re still here? You must be very resilient.”

That was after 8-9 Pranic Healing treatments.

You get the drift.

The doctors were scratching their heads. R was up walking, albeit with the assistance of his wife.  His coloring continued to improve.  Finally, almost two months after being admitted to the hospital, Dr. C, visited R early one morning. He said “I don’t understand this. You came in here in liver failure. Your liver function is now normal. In fact, you may be in remission.”  The man was thoroughly confused. Remember his opening words? With the chemo, the best that could be expected was a few short months of life before succumbing to the disease. At the two month mark, R ‘may be’ in remission.

Every case is different. R was consciously open to receiving the maximum benefit possible from Pranic Healing. Occasionally, Hannah was able to rub Frankincense on R’ feet, and bring him Super Food Smoothies. It is part of what I would recommend to anyone with a serious illness. But these efforts were intermittent, not daily as they needed to be. Had they been applied daily, results would have been accelerated.

I am not physician bashing. There are many physicians who approach patient care from a holistic perspective, empowering their patients to consider all their options and to choose what they believe will work for them.

Would you like to learn the skills necessary to make this kind of difference in the lives of those

Workshops are being offered in June and July!

Workshops are being offered in June and July!

you love? Then consider studying Pranic Healing. ANYONE can learn this. It’s a tool based upon the physical laws of energy in motion. There is nothing mysterious or magical about Pranic Healing. It is simply a practical application of what already exists.

I am teaching a Level One Basic Pranic Healing workshop on July 25-26, 2015, in Atlanta, Georgia.

If you want to be kept abreast of Pranic Healing News and Views, please leave your name and email below. It’s a fascinating journey. I look forward to sharing it with you!